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ABOUT Ulla's Art Work


Artist CV

Coming exhibitions:
KunstPunkt, Tour de Kunst, Augsutenborg, Juli 2022
KunstPunkt, Åben udstilling, Augustenborg June 2022

Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg, June 2022
Brik Lane Gallery, London, April 2022

Previous exhibitions:
Tidens Kunst, Aars, February 2022
Art Nordic, Copenhagen, November 2021
Gallery Sønderborg, Denmark, July - September 2020

Instruction by Michael J. Doherty, The Scottish School of Classical Art, 2022 - ongoing
Coming instruction by Jonas Petterson - Aquarelle and color course autumn 2022

Jean Haines, 2020-2022
Berta Llonch, Online course, 2021
Sarah Stokes, Online course, 2021
Leandro Nunes, Online course, 2021

Sønderjyllands Art School, Kristian Vodder Svensson 2020
Sønderjyllands Art School, Adam Gabriel, Experiemental Art, 2017
Sønderjyllands Art School, Adam Gabriel, Croquis, 2016
+ many other courses at Sønderjyllands Art School

Primary and Secondary School, Art teaching, 2002-2017


My name is Ulla Abbas and I live in the South of Denmark. Painting has always been part of my life. When I am painting it is as if I enter another world, where all my ideas can get a life on their own. At the moment I mostly work in watercolor but also acrylic and pastel - creating paintings of anything that moves me.  

I first got inspired to paint with watercolor as a child. My grandmother worked at the Japanese Embassy and received beautiful greeting cards from Japan. I would spend hours fantasizing about wonderful places far away and admire the beautiful Sumi-E ink paintings using Japanese brushwork. It should take many years before I finally got around to practice this painting style in an adapted way myself.


I hope to be able to transfer my watercolor painting style, inspired by Sumi-E and also a loose style, to other media such as acrylic and pastel paintings. 


Other inpirational sources is the nature and the sea surrounding my home, and places I  have visited and lived with my husband and children.


In my paintings I try to tell a story that is surrounded by light and life in sometimes a loose and painterly way, and other times in a more detailed way. In all paintings I try to bring life and playfulness into a painting, making good use of the white background which offers oxygen to a painting. I believe the white space can be compared to the impression of stillness - letting the motive breath. Often you will be able to find small hidden creatures in my paintings, and there will always be some sparkle and shine when you look closely.

The colors  I use are mostly soft and feminine. I will for instance never use black as a color in my paintings. Instead I use other dark colors to depict the darker sides of my stories.

At the moment I am experimenting with new techniques and methods by taking courses from well renowned artists which I hope will move my artisic work into new directions.

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