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There is nothing more wonderful than to wake up in the morning listening to the birds singing outside. In my bird paintings I like to depict birds in a funky, playful and contemporary way.

It is believed that birds are a symbol of freedom, harmony, love, peace, balance, and happiness. 

Inspiration for my Bird paintings have been taken from gardens and nature around my home, but also from distant places I would like to visit, or have already visited. 

To see my bird paintings - click on the link:

One of my fondest memories are snorkling holidays far away from cold Scandiavia where I live now. There's is nothing more mesmerizing than sitting on a beach with colorful fish swimming around you and snorkling above coral reefs.

When I dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of life I go to stay at the calm but also at times wild  seaside. Something I have done since childhood growing up on a small island surrounded by sandy beaches, the sea and blistering cold western wind.


I draw inspiration from far away places that I hope one day to visit and experience. 

To see my Sea paintings - click on the link:


Inspiration for my Flower paintings have been taken from gardens and nature.


Eventhough I think flowers and plants are beautiful in themselves, I find great interest in the insects and creatures living in and of them. That is the reason why you will almost always find small insects added to my floral paintings. I think they give an added interest to a painting just as birds are difficult to depict without the greenery they live in.


Most of my floral paintings are depicted in a loose and painterly style. This means that I try to depict the essence of florals without getting too much into details. This is actually much more difficult than it sounds.

To see my Flower paintings - click on the link:

Crying Buddha_edited.jpg

Art Prints are now available in limited numbers.

I have decided to get a maximum of 25 art prints made of some of my original paintings and of some details of originaols that I especially loved making.

All Art Prints will be signed and numbered by me.


To see my Art Prints - click on the link:

Inspiration for my Animal paintings have been taken from the nature which I try to picture in a contemporary way.

I have a special love for all sorts of animals. As a child I used to spend all my time at my grandparent's farm where my love for domesticated animals started. Having travelled added another dimension to my love for all sorts of wild life.

Over the coming months I plan to investigate animals and wild life and I hope to be adding more paintings under this category soon.

To see my Animal paintings - click on the link:

Blue muscari_edited.jpg

There is nothing more interesting than sitting on a bench or at a street cafe and see people pass by. Since I was a young girl I have always been interested in people and different cultures - I suppose this is also the reason why I decided to travel and live abroad. 

When I decided to go and work in Africa as a young woman I specifically choose West Africa which is known for its culture, tribes and traditions. 

In this category you can look forward to see more paintings depicting tribalism, mythology and spiritualism. Can't wait to get started on some painting series under this category - a shame that days are short... even in Scandinavia where we pride our selves of having the midnight sun.


To see my Figures & People paintings - click on the link:

Autumn Symphony No1.png

Gallery of paintings

Inspiration for my aquarelle paintings have been taken from gardens, the sea and all the small creatures found in them.

I feel that I am at the beginning of my art journey and continuously trying to deveop my aquarelle paining style.

I only use professional and artist grade paints with high color fastness which contain a high grade of pigment on papers made from acid free Italian or French cotton aquarelle paper. This means that my aquarelle paintings framed behind glass will remain vibrant, and the paper will not turn yellow over time, for as long as a good quality oil or acrylic painting.

Most famous artists will at one point have been intrigued by pigment and water flowing freely around on a piece of aquarelle paper. 

If you would like more information or are interested in buying a painting please contact me by email:

or by phone:

+45 2610 9573.

Payment by mobile pay, credit cards or bank transfer.

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